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"a homepage for the common european squirrel?" ...I hear you ask -
"might as well create a homepage for aunt Emma's favourite spider who keeps her kitchen free from the mosquito's"
"...or for the persisting, poison resistant flee on uncle Ted's dog!"

These are arguments which i do consider earnestly , since even the smallest being (...for instance a virus)
can all of a sudden become very important in one's personal life!

But why bother other fellow humans with one's own personal matter's? Well..:

Because first of all there is an apparent urge to share inherent to all human beings
( and who knows, maybe also to all animals and other beings?! )

Secondly; this urge is often beneficial in that it leads to questions, discussions... in short: communication ...and out of communication arises the possibility to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding. (A matter which is believed to be personal, might in reality be a global issue, since all things existent are related and of equal importance...)

I noticed that we human beings tend to only consider things as important, which are part of our individual little universe. Usually all things beyond this restricted personal universe are spoken of and are being referred to based on what an individual has learned in school, through reading and other media's. You may agree that this kind of knowledge is not profound knowledge gained from personal experience and reflection; it is simply generalized and may be incomplete, lacking personal affection and commitment.

Emotion and passion paired with the will to understand and find out, will lead eventually to more profound understanding and perhaps even wisdom, compared with the rational and unconcerned type of learning. Or sheer intellectual knowledge lack's the “understanding of the heart” component: SCIURUS-VULGARIS.COM is committed to publish first hand experience and insights related to all about- and for -the common european squirrel and it's friends

Only very few people who are directly concerned with animals of the forest' issues know- and have become aware of the sad fact that the squirrel population has dramatically decreased and that the squirrel is an endangered animal and is protected by law in most of the european countries!

The common european squirrel is still a relatively poorly known animal: it is difficult to find complete and in depth studies and information about it. The aim of SCIURUS-VULGARIS.COM's publishers is to gradually build and provide a knowledge base about the common european squirrel, targeting towards completeness. The SCIURUS-VULGARIS.COM - site is therefore an open project which welcomes heartily all serious contributors who would like to submit squirrel related articles, stories, researches, experience, insights, poems, images, related links and products. Contributors will be fully credited and referred to with headers, footnotes and listings on a special page. Together we can reach our great aim and make this site worthwhile!

All SCIURUS-VULGARIS.COM-ians agree to publicly declare that their efforts, aims and love is devoted:
To- and for the benefit and protection of squirrels; for their natural habitat and their human- & animal friends!

Copyrights sciurus-vulgaris.com 2004
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